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Over the years, I have held talks in schools and international type design events. Works have also been presented in publications and group shows.

. Talk at ECV (École de Communication Visuelle), Paris, France, 2006.

. Talk at ICTVC (International Conference on Typography and Visual Communication), Nicosia, Cyprus, 2010.

. Work displayed in 'Twenty-six Characters', Die Gestalten Verlag, London, 2011.

. Exhibition and talk for 'Lettres Type, Nouvelle création typographique en France', Nancy, France, 2011. The exhibiton travelled also to Chaumont, Lurs en Provence & Caen, all in France.

. Workshops and talks at NID, Ahmenabad, India, 2011 and 2012.

. Talk at Symbiosis School of Design, Pune, India, 2012.

. Talk at Atypi Honk Kong, China, 2012.

. Talk at Typo Renoir, Honk Kong, China, 2012.

. Comic Sans vox pop video, Berlin, Germany, 2013.

Chez Michel

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